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Master of Divinity

Program Overview

The Master of Divinity (MDiv) is a professional degree designed to equip students for vocational Christian service. It is the degree typically required of those seeking ordination in Christian ministry. The program is designed with both balance and breadth in mind—students receive a solid and well-balanced foundation in biblical and theological studies as well as an opportunity to develop specific areas of ministry.


Credit Hours: 75
Coordinator: Blayne Banting

Banting, Blayne DMin, PhD
Associate Professor of Preaching and Christian Ministry
   Requirements  Program Sheet

Learning Outcomes

  1. Articulate and apply an evangelical theology that demonstrably arises out of Scripture and finds expression in all areas of life and ministry.
  2. Be equipped for serving the local church and its global mission.
  3. Demonstrate growth as a disciple of Jesus Christ.
  4. Demonstrate a capacity to guide individuals and congregations in disciple-making.
  5. Demonstrate a capacity to preach sermons using a sound homiletical method.
  6. Demonstrate a capacity to lead within the local church in carrying out its mission with both theological sophistication and cultural awareness.


I. Embracing God's Word (24 credit hours)
BLST 610 Pentateuch
   OR BLST 714 Psalms
BLST 715 Old Testament Wisdom Literature
   OR BLST 717 The Former Prophets
   OR BLST 719 The Latter Prophets
BLST 721 Studies in the Gospel of Matthew
   OR BLST 722 Studies in the Gospel of Luke
BLST 725 The Acts of the Apostles
   OR BLST 620 Pauline Epistles
THEO 651 Theology of God and Creation
   OR THEO 653 Theology of Christ and Reconciliation
   OR THEO 654 Theology of the Holy Spirit and Redemption
BLST 602 Introduction to Biblical Interpretation
   OR GRK 701 Greek Exegesis I
   OR HEB 700 Hebrew Syntax and Exegesis I
BLST 701 Advanced Hermeneutics
   OR GRK 800 Greek Exegesis II
   OR HEB 800 Hebrew Syntax and Exegesis II
Theology Elective

II. Leading God's People (12 credit hours)
LE 603 Leadership and Management Foundations
LE 601 Organizational Development and Renewal
   OR LE 845 Governance and Board Development
LE 701 Strategic Thinking, Learning, and Planning
   OR LE 641 Creative Problem Solving and Polarity Management
LE 744 Leadership and Team Development
   OR LE 842 Leadership Communication for a Change

III. Communicating God's Truth (9 credit hours)
CM 632 Homiletics
   OR CM 820 Preaching Specialty
CM 732 Advanced Preaching
   OR CM 820 Preaching Specialty
CM 626 Teaching and Learning

IV. Equipping the Church and Engaging Our World (18 credit hours)
CM 600 Spiritual Formation for Ministry
   OR CM 601 Philosophy and Foundation for Ministry
   OR LE 605 Personal and Service Development
CM 701 Pastoral Theology and Practice
   OR THEO 754 Shepherd the Flock
CM 621 Theology of Mission and Evangelism
   OR CM 730 Church Planting and Development
CO 603 Foundations of Marriage and Family Therapy
   OR CO 620 Pastoral Counselling
CM 736 Discipleship and Mentoring
   OR CM 814 Ministry Issues in Contemporary Culture
THEO 641 Theology of Christian Worship

V. Electives (12 credit hours)

VI. Non-Credit Requirements
RD 704 MDiv Experiential Integration
PRT 800 Learning Portfolio and Interview

My experience at Briercrest was great—they were flexible with my busy schedule, affordable, and practical. The courses directly impacted my ministry and help me leverage the call in my life to where I am today.
Andy Gabruch