Seminary Course Schedule

January - April 2021

Semester HEB 601 Introductory Hebrew II D. Miller
Semester - Online THEO 601 Christian Theology Overview A. Hackney
Semester - By request Greek TBA
January 4-8 CO 712 Interpersonal Trauma Counselling T. Schnare
January 11-15 CM 732 Advanced Preaching B. Banting
January 18-22 LE 849 Daring Leadership: Creating Islands of Sanity Amidst Chaos J. Mowchenko
January 30 - Online CM 832 Contemporary Issues in Preaching - PART II B. Banting
February 1-5 BLST 728 Hebrews: The Supremacy of Christ M. Culy
February 1-5 CO 606A Marriage and Family Therapy S. Berg
February 8-12 CO 606B Marriage and Family Therapy S. Berg
February 8-12 LE 601 Organizational Development and Renewal P. Magnus
March 1-5 BLST 610 Pentateuch K. Bodner
March 1-5 CM 734 Small Church Ministry R. Johnston
March 1-5 THEO 654 Theology of the Holy Spirit and Redemption J. Houston
March 15-19 CO 791 Counselling Practicum II S. Berg and M. Clarke
March 22-26 LE 742 Change, Power, and Conflict Management P. Magnus
March 27 - Online LE 850 / CM 819 GLS: Global Leadership Outcomes - PART II P. Magnus
April 5-9 CO 603 Foundations of Marriage and Family Therapy S. Berg
April 19-23 BLST 601 Old Testament Survey K. Bodner

April - June 2021

Semester - Online CO 620 Pastoral Counselling S. Berg
Semester - Online RD 703 Research for Leadership and Management J. Mowchenko
April 26-30 BLST 723 Sermon on the Mount C. Hinderager
April 26-30 PSY 701 Psychological Research Methods TC Chiang
April 26-30 HIS 660 History of Modern Evangelicalism A. Guenther
May 3-7 CM 601 Philosophy and Foundation for Ministry D. Lee
May 3-7 PSY 607 Child Development T. Strijack
May 10-14 LE 641 Creative Problem Solving and Polarity Management J. Mowchenko
May 17-21 CO 717 Group Counselling Strategies C. Thorlakson
May 17-21 CM 736 Discipleship and Mentoring R. Wollf
May 31-June 4 BLST 714 Psalms K. Bodner
May 31-June 4 CO 714 Counselling Systems and Approaches S. Faith
June 7-11 CO 819/THEO 751 Life in the Mess: A Theology of Forgiveness and Reconciliation D. Guretzki
June 14-18 BLST 725 Acts of the Apostles D. Miller
June 14-18 CO 711 Addictions Counselling M. Clarke
June 21-25 CM/THEO 621 Theology of Mission and Evangelism T. Stabell

2021-22 Academic Year

The 2021-22 Seminary course schedule is nearly ready for publication.  Watch for it to be posted in the New Year.

The classes have provided ways in which to challenge my thinking, and how I communicate what I am learning. I've noticed that I bring a more gracious and thoughtful approach to my sermons and lectures at the church where I am serving.
Nathan Scott