Seminary Course Schedule

January - April 2022

Semester - Online BLST 601 Old Testament Survey K. Bodner
Semester - Online BLST 701 Advanced Hermeneutics J. Gilbertson
Semester - Online CM 632 Homiletics B. Banting
Semester - Online THEO 601 Christian Theology Overview J. Houston
January 10-14 CO 713 Topics in MFT: EFT T. Schnare
January 31-February 4 CO 603 Foundations of Marriage and Family Therapy S. Berg
February 7-11 LE 845 Governance and Board Development J. Mowchenko
February 14-18 CO 707 Procedures in Marriage and Family Therapy M. Clarke
February 28-March 4 BLST 729 Revelation W. Olmstead
February 28-March 4 HIS 619 Gender, Sex, and Sexuality in Global History J. Demoskoff
February 28-March 4 HIS 869 Church History Seminar: Christian-Muslim Relations A. Guenther
February 28-March 4 THEO 759 Theology Specialty: Left to Our Own Devices? Technology, Theology, and the Future J. Houston
March 7-11 BLST 715 Old Testament Wisdom Literature K. Bodner
March 7-11 CO 705 Counselling Ethics S. Berg
March 7-11 LE 848 Leadership Resilience P. Magnus
March 14-18 CM 814 Ministry Issues in Contemporary Culture I. Lawson and S. Bateman
March 14-18 THEO 753 Thy Kingdom Come: The Church, Politics and Eschatology D. Guretzki
March 20-25 CO 791 Counselling Practicum II C. Pagens, M. Clarke, S. Ghedela
March 28-April 1 THEO 761 Patristic Fathers B. Penner
April 2 LE 850 / CM 819 GLS: Grander Competence and Confidence - PART II P. Magnus
April 4-8 CO 703 Counselling Problems and Procedures M. Clarke
April 18-22 PSY 706 Adult Development J. Schellenberg

April - June 2022

Semester - Online BLST 606 New Testament Survey J. Gilbertson
Semester - Online CM 600 Spiritual Formation for Ministry R. Hovey
April 25-29 BLST 627 Pastoral Epistles C. Hinderager
May 2-6 CM 626 Teaching and Learning D. Gordon
May 2-6 CO 703 Counselling Problems and Procedures M. Clarke
May 9-13 LE 703 Coaching, Mentoring, and Group Facilitation J. Mowchenko
May 16-20 BLST 721 Studies in the Gospel of Matthew W. Olmstead
May 16-20 PSY 611 DSM and Psychopharmacology S. Faith
May 24-25 CO 819 Counselling Speciality: Motivational Interviewing M. Clarke
May 30-June 3 PSY 606 Lifespan Development T. Strijack
June 6-10 BLST 717 Former Prophets: Joshua through Kings K. Bodner
June 13-17 PSY 608 Adolescent Development C. Pagens
The classes have provided ways in which to challenge my thinking, and how I communicate what I am learning. I've noticed that I bring a more gracious and thoughtful approach to my sermons and lectures at the church where I am serving.
Nathan Scott