David Guretzki, PhD

Adjunct Faculty in Theology
Karl Barth said, “The theologian who labors without joy is not a theologian at all.” Though the study of Christian theology can be difficult, I believe it should be enjoyable—fun, even! Something has gone awry when theology becomes drudgery. 
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David Teaches:
Historical and Systematic Theology; Research

Teaching Philosophy

As a teacher, I have an obligation to all students under my instruction to call them to nurture their God-given gifts and capacities, whatever their breadth or level, in submission to Christ as the Spirit enables. As much as I want students to master the content of the topics I cover in my classes, I will be most gratified if they leave my classes saying they have been challenged to walk more closely with Christ than when they started.


David is Executive Vice President and Resident Theologian at the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (Ottawa, Toronto). His PhD is from McGill University (Montreal). David taught historical and systematic theology at Briercrest from 1993-2017, and has published three books and numerous articles and reviews. He has served as President of the Canadian Evangelical Theological Association, was a national board member for the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, and has served as an elder at Caronport Community Church. He has also provided expert witness at three court cases on religious freedom issues. He is married to Maureen and has three children: Joey, Chiante, and Sierra. David's personal interests include astrophotography and astronomy, amateur radio, woodworking, and reading.


PhD Religious Studies, McGill University, 2006
MA Historical Theology, Briercrest Seminary, 1995
BRE, Briercrest Bible College, 1985


Theology of Forgiveness and Reconciliation
Theology of Karl Barth
The Filioque controversy
Twentieth Century Theology
Political and Public Theology
Doctrine of the Trinity


Books and chapters (articles not included)

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