Darren Gordon, EdD

Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics and Modern Languages
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  • Ethics in TESOL
  • Linguistics: Phonology
  • Second Language Acquisition
  • Thai
  • TESOL Practicum
  • TESOL Internship.
  • Sociology
  Learning is always transformational—we are never the same when we commit ourselves to know about ourselves, others, the world, and the Creator who opens Himself up to be known. 

Teaching Philosophy

Similar to the awareness that everything good comes from God, a central idea that makes learning meaningful and significant is an understanding that all truth is God's truth. This reality centres the learning process on the subject that is being considered, observed, and investigated. It also creates a learning environment in which all learners "gather" around the subject together, from different places of understanding and from different vantage points, seeking to understand more fully and more deeply the truth of the subject. A few of the more important implications of such an approach to learning for education are an increased need for embracing humility, hospitality, integrity, courage, and perseverance.Gordon._Statement_of_Educational_Philosophy.pdf


Growing up in western Washington, I spent a lot of time enjoying waterways and mountains. Added to my love of the outdoors was a love of languages and cultures. These loves came together in working with minority language communities in such places as Indonesia, Thailand, and Laos. Passing on skills to students for language learning and language teaching has become my most recent passion, teaching at Payap University, Simpson University, and now Briercrest College.


EdD Educational Leadership, George Fox University, 2017
MA Applied Linguistics, Northern Territory University (now Charles Darwin University), 2002
BA Cross-cultural Mission, Simpson College (now Simpson University), 1995


Ethics and professional responsibility
Second language acquisition and language teaching
Language restoration
Educational leadership and higher education trends


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The way Briercrest Seminary set up the distance learning was convenient for my life circumstances, and never hindered the amount of learning and community I would have experienced being on campus full time.
Mary-Lynne Eggink