2024-2025 School Year

Please note: All students living in dorms, with the exception of Sundbo Place, are required purchase a meal plan.

Meals per week plans

These meal plans give students the flexibility to leave campus or stay for the weekend and will be here for the entire semester.  The plans start on Sunday at brunch and end on Saturday at supper.  They expire every week and at the end of each semester.

Anytime meal plans

These meal plans are designed for students who require flexibility in number of meals eaten in the week or may only come for part of the semester.  They can be used throughout the year and expire at the end of the 2nd semester.  They are not refundable or transferable and are billed in September for the entire amount.

Anytime meal plans - Type B

(only applies to the 320 plan)

The 320 B plan works the same as other anytime meal plans except that this meal plan is refundable and transferable.  Meals can be used throughout the year and expire at the end of the 2nd semester.  So if you don’t think you’ll eat all the meals, spend a little extra and get the refund/transfer option. 

Refund Policy
The first 25 unused meals will be refunded out at a rate of $11.20/meal.  The next 25 unused meals will be refunded at a rate of $6.22/meal.  No refunds will be provided for more than 50 unused meals.



New rates include $100 Flex dollars

# of meals
Price Expiration Avg cost per meal Avg meals per week Refundable / Transferable
12 per week $2,065/semester Weekly - 12/week** $10.92 12 no
14 per week $2,275/semester Weekly - 14/week** $10.84 14 no
19 per week $2,665/semester Weekly - 19/week** $9.00 19 no
200 anytime* $2,865 June 28, 2025 $13.83 7 no
260 anytime* $3,565 June 28, 2025 $12.87 9 no
320 A anytime $3,690 June 28, 2025 $11.22 11 no
320 B anytime*** $4,080 June 28, 2025 $12.44 11 yes

* includes GST/PST.
** 12/14/19 meals plans final meal will be on Dec 18, 2024 (Fall) and Apr 17, 2025 (Winter)
*** 320 B anytime meal plan is refundable/transferable as Flex to a maximum of 50 meals (first 25 meals at $11.20/meal, next 25 meals at $6.22/meal)




At the door prices

Breakfast - $10.85*
Lunch/Brunch - $13.99*
Supper - $15.27*

* = includes tax - 2024-25 rates