Leadership Certification

The Briercrest Leadership Certification offer a new approach to seminary training where students are able to choose from seven Leadership Certification options that will advance their ministry or career opportunities. Along with certified training received from another organization, Briercrest Seminary will work with students to create personalized curriculum to ensure graduate-level course standards are met. Pairing this external training with four flexible courses from the MA Leadership & Management program, we are able to provide a leadership certification in one of these seven areas:

  • Governance
  • Self-Leadership
  • Coaching
  • Conflict Management
  • Team Leadership
  • Change Management
  • Leadership Communication

(see below for details on each of these areas)

This 15 credit hour certification benefits those who choose to transfer into the MALM program as well as existing Briercrest Seminary graduates who may find this certification valuable in their area of expertise.

Leadership Certification Learning Outcomes:

  • Receive personal and spiritual development through biblically-based leadership training
  • Participate in high engagement learning and classes that give attention to HOW YOU LIVE leadership
  • Receive an accredited certification that can be used toward seminary graduate-level programs
  • Receive specialized leadership training for professional development or credit, in conjunction with an outside certification agency of your choice
  • Expand your career and ministry opportunities by adding specialized leadership training to your field of expertise in both the church and marketplace
  • Be inspired as a leader to equip the church and engage the world


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