• How do I find an external organization through which I can receive certified training?
    • Based on the Briercrest Leadership Certification that interests you, the Coordinator for the Leadership Centre will work to provide students with information and recommendations on appropriate options for external certified training. Students are also encouraged to look into  options that are of particular interest to them.

  • What does it mean to receive certified training from an external organization?
    • With Briercrest Leadership Certifications, students have the flexibility to choose an external organization that offers certification within their area of focus. There are countless organizations that offer certified training in anything from executive coaching to policy governance.

      For example: If you would like to increase your expertise in team leadership, you could choose Myers-Briggs (MBTI) Certified or STRONG Certified by Psychomentrics Canada in order to be able to professionally use and administer these assessment tools.

      Following your certified training through Psychomentrics Canada, Briercrest Seminary will work with you to create additional personalized curriculum to ensure the Psychometrics certificate meets graduate-level course standards.  

      This certified training can then be paired with four other course requirements from Briercrest Seminary to make a Leadership Certification in Team Leadership.

  • How much additional work does Briercrest Seminary require for external certified training to be accepted as graduate-level?
    • All certified training received from another organization will be individually evaluated in terms of content, hours of training, and participant requirements. The Coordinator for the Leadership Centre and Coordinator for the MALM program will work with each individual student to create additional course work surrounding the external training. This may include additional reading material related to the topic of training, and an additional paper, and a presentation of the external certified training experience. This personalized curriculum is then approved by the Dean of the Seminary.

  • Do I have to gain the external certified training before taking the other required classes for a Leadership Certification?
    • There is no particular order that the external certified training and Briercrest Seminary classes are required to be taken in for any particular Leadership Certification. The Coordinator for the Leadership Centre will work with each student to organize and schedule the needed classes. The external certified training can be taken at any time.

  • How long does it take to complete a Leadership Certification?
    • Briercrest Seminary classes are offered in a continuous 2-year rotation. The length of any certification depends on the certification and the required classes. Each 15 credit hour Leadership Certification could 1.5 to 2 years to complete. The Coordinator for the Leadership Centre will work with each student to organize and schedule the needed classes.

  • How long does each Briercrest Seminary class run for?
    • Briercrest Seminary offers a unique modular format of education that attracts students from around the world. Most classes concentrate the classroom component into one-week, all-day classes in which students complete pre-and post-course work.

  • How much does this program cost?
    •  The Leadership Certifications are made up of four Seminary classes at the regular price and one personalized course created around the external certified training at half the regular price. 

      For the 2020-2021 school year, Briercrest Seminary has set class fees at: $407/credit or $1221 for a 3 credit hour course.

      $1221 x 4 regular seminary classes + $610.50 x 1 personalized course = $5494.50


  • What are my accommodation options at Briercrest when I come for a modular class?
    • Student Accommodations

      Students coming to our campus for a modular course may stay in a Student Residence room (as available). Generally, seminary students will be placed in their own, private rooms. Typically, this will also include a private bath, and a very low-occupancy hall to ensure a quiet environment conducive to sleep and study. Both room and board and room-only options are available.

      The Pilgrim Inn

      The 42-room inn is only a short walk from the seminary building. A discount rate is available for seminary students who are taking a course. The comfortable setting is ideal for individual and group study. Take advantage of the in-room coffee, continental breakfast, fireplace, and the quiet surroundings. For reservations, please call 1.877.355.5002.

      Sundbo Place

      These apartments provide comfortable and quiet rooms for our single seminary students who choose to move to Caronport. This residence has plenty of space and privacy, allowing for an adequate study location during your stay at Briercrest. Additional student residences are available as the need arises.


  • Where can I eat while I am studying on campus?
    • Dining Hall: Three meal options are provided each day from Sunday to Friday. Fresh soup and salad bar are available at noon and supper meals. A deli bar is also available for noon meals on weekdays. Saturday features only lunch and supper. 

      Crossroads Café: Located directly beside the seminary wing, the Crossroads Café provides a casual setting for students to relax and unwind, or discuss new ideas over a cup of coffee.

      Subway™: You can "eat fresh" in Caronport. Our Subway offers wraps, soup, and subs.

      The Pilgrim Centre: Treat yourself to a coffee, latte, or smoothie as well as a wide selection of desserts in our coffee house/student centre.