About the Centre for Leadership Studies

The Centre for Leadership Studies at Briercrest is designed for greater access to leadership development at the undergraduate and graduate levels, as well as to create a networking hub that facilitates the support of Christian leaders across Canada.

With a vision to practically serve both academic and non-academic areas of leadership development, the Centre for Leadership Studies is working to:

  • Deliver accredited leadership certifications that can be used toward seminary graduate-level programs
  • Facilitate webinars and conferences that respond to immediate leadership needs
  • Provide real-time coaching and facilitation to serve students, individuals, ministries, and organizations in the wider community
  • Link churches and organizations with seasoned leadership coaches and facilitators who can help to address their specific needs
Along with teaching necessary counselling skills, our professors are also working to ensure we learn other significant and less obvious skills, such as confidence in our abilities, creative public speaking and a deep appreciation for God's Word.
Kendra Siggelkow