Study Areas



  • PSY 606 Lifespan Development

    This course surveys the psychological models for understanding human development. Emphasis is given to personality, social, intellectual, spiritual and physical development, and the major theories used to describe how people change throughout their life span.

  • PSY 607 Child Development

    This course surveys the stages of child development from infancy until adolescence. Included will be a consideration of the bio-psycho-social-spiritual influences in child development. Special attention will be given to childhood disorders and treatment.

  • PSY 608 Adolescent Development

    Adolescence represents a definable phase in human development. It is one of the most complex of the developmental phases because of the myriad of changes going on during these critical years. This course examines the pilgrimage through adolescence from a number of perspectives. Key developmental theories are examined in light of biblical truth. A historical look at adolescence forms the starting point for exploring adolescent emotional, relational, physiological, moral, and spiritual development.

  • PSY 611 Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) and Psychopharmacology

    This course provides a survey of clinical psychiatric nosology and its limits. The course also promotes an understanding of psychopathology and appropriate medication treatments. This course alone does not qualify a student for diagnostic or prescription privileges.

  • PSY 701 Psychological Research Methods

    This course will serve as an introduction to the approaches and techniques involved in research within applied social sciences, will provide an opportunity for firsthand experience in the use of these techniques, and will assist seminary students in the preparation of their SRP or Thesis proposal. Students will be required to participate in class research projects.

  • PSY 706 Adult Development

    A biblical anthropology provides the foundation for this course on the various stages of adulthood. Implications for a counselling ministry are considered from viewpoints which include the family life cycle and the existential and spiritual issues which correlate with the various stages.

  • PSY 819 Psychology Specialty

    This course focuses on a particular emphasis of psychology. The focus of this course varies from year to year.