Susan  Wendel
Susan Wendel PhD
Associate Professor of New Testament
Interim Dean of the Seminary
Blayne Banting
Blayne Banting DMin, PhD
Associate Professor of Preaching and Christian Ministry
Sam Berg
Sam Berg DMin
Assistant Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy
Paul Magnus
Paul Magnus PhD
Distinguished Professor of Leadership and Management


Keith Bodner PhD
Visiting Scholar in Old Testament
Kevin Daugherty PhD
Associate Professor of Theology
Charles Hackney PhD
Associate Professor of Psychology
Samuel Hildebrandt PhD
Assistant Professor of Old Testament
Carl Hinderager PhD
Professor of New Testament
Wes Olmstead PhD
Professor of New Testament
Michael Pawelke DMin
Professor of Leadership and Pastoral Studies
Ellery Pullman PhD
Professor of Psychology and Educational Leadership
Dustin Unger MA


Steven Bateman MA
Adjunct Faculty
Tom Berekoff MA
Adjunct Faculty
Dale Dawson DTh
Adjunct Faculty
Erich Engler PhD
Adjunct Faculty
David Guretzki PhD
Adjunct Faculty
Roger Helland DMin, ThM
Adjunct Faculty
Ian Lawson MA
Adjunct Faculty
The Honourable Dallas K. Miller JD
Adjunct Faculty
Brad Penner PhD
Adjunct Faculty
Marv Penner DPhil
Adjunct Faculty
Tony Schnare MA
Adjunct Instructor in Counselling Psychology
Yau Man Siew PhD
Adjunct Faculty
Neil Soggie DMin, DLitPhil, PhD
Adjunct Faculty
Martin Spoelstra DMin (pending), MA
Adjunct Faculty
Tamara Strijack MC
Adjunct Faculty
Mark Wessner PhD
Adjunct Faculty
I learned not to take the easy answers when dealing with Scripture and theology, but to deal with uncomfortable and challenging questions, wrestling with both the text and my own biases to best determine what is true and God-pleasing.
Trevor Loken